About Insight

The Insight Group is a one-on-one, values-based mentoring organization at Northwestern University. We assist Northwestern students by pairing them with a diverse group of professionals located throughout the Chicagoland area. Our mentors have experience in a variety of career fields and guide participants through their collegiate and early professional years.

In addition to our core focus of developing the mentoring relationships, we are committed to bringing keynote speakers to campus, ranging from notable alumni to successful professionals from across the country. To supplement these presentations, we will also host quarterly professional development workshops, such as our Consulting vs. Investment Banking Panel, in partnership with The Kellogg School of Management.


The Insight Group is open to all Northwestern students, and is supported by the Sheil Catholic Center. We are also grateful to the Kellogg School of Management for partnering with us for events and mentor-mentee pairings.

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